Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

Best Headphones for Binaural BeatsIf you’re looking for the best quality headphones for binaural beats listening, look no further. These are the best value headphones or earbuds you can get to take your binaural beats sessions to the next level. If you’ve read my article on how to use binaural beats, you’ll know that the quality of your headphones can help increase the effectiveness of your brainwave entrainment sessions, and using low-quality ones can actually cause you to get nothing out of binaural beats if the frequency response range isn’t low enough, or the sound quality sucks. Whether you’re looking to use that cool new alpha wave meditation track or pop in a delta wave sleep binaural beat to catch some zzz’s, there’s a pair of headphones here that will suit your needs. So, do yourself a favor and throw those crappy iPod earbuds or cheap Wal-mart headphones away, and your brain will thank you for it.

Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

Why They're the Best

Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones (White) - NEW

I'm not a huge fan of Dr. Dre, but man, his headphones ROCK! The most comfortable heaphones I own, the battery lasts forever, the noise-cancelling is perfect. The sound quality is better than super expensive recording studio headphones. I could talk all day about these.
Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones

The frequency response on these things is lower than the human is even capable of picking up, so you get every single last bit of sound. Pretty solid noise-cancellation. Sound quality is almost as good as some headphones that cost twice as much. This is a decent mid-range pair of headphones.
Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone (Light Blue)
I normally don't like on-ear headphones, but the whole two speakers in each ear thing sold me, so I had to get these. And I haven't regretted a second of it. When I got it and found out it has a built-in mic, I've been using it instead of earbuds with my phone lately. And the sound is top-quality, like all the Beats products. If you're a fan of on-ear headphones, these are the ones you should get.

Best Wireless Headphones for Binaural Beats

Why They're the Best

Sennheiser RS120 Over-Ear 900MHz Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle
They've got a frequency response from 22-19500Hz, perfect for binaural beat listening. The signal strength is amazing. I could walk all the way to the end of the block and get crystal clear sound. The battery lasts practically forever, at least 12 hours from my own test.
Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones - BlackWow these are comfortable. And amazingly light. The sound quality is like a home theater system. The noise-cancellation is great, can't hear a thing outside the headphones with them on. The battery is advertised at 8 hours, but from experience it lasts at least 10, and takes about an hour to charge back to full

Best Earbuds for Binaural Beats

Why They're the Best

Klipsch Image S4A - II In-Ear Headphones

This is as good as it gets without spending $200 on the Bose earbuds. The sound is awesome, the noise-cancelling is pretty good for earbuds, and the remote control for Android is pretty sweet. My only gripe is that there needs to be more buttons to program on the remote. The best mid-range earbuds out there!
Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

They're top of the line in both quality and price. I won't use anything else anymore. They've never fallen out, not once. You can turn the noise-cancellation on and off with a button on the 4 button remote. These are pure awesomeness and worth every single bit of the price.

These are headphones my ears have known and loved, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find something for your ears on this list too. And since I was feeling kind of sneaky, if you still haven’t found anything, you can click the image at the start of this article to check out the headphones I was wearing when I wrote this. I’m not going to write a review for them, because hundreds of people on Amazon have already done that, and they pretty much speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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