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Build a Better Brain with Brainwave Entrainment

Free Book – Build a Better Brain

You’ve tried working out at the gym to build your body, but have you given much thought to your brain? That’s what Build a Better Brain is all about, learning how to take care of your brain and keep it in shape with brainwave entrainment using binaural beats and isochronic tones. If you’ve been reading […]

strong brain brainwave entrainment

Top Ten Benefits of Brainwave Entrainment

Going to the gym keeps you physically fit, but what about your brain? Luckily, if you’ve read about brainwave entrainment, you know there’s an easy way to keep your brain healthy. And what affects your brain, affects every part of who you are. The benefits of brainwave entrainment are huge, really huge.  Brainwave entrainment technologies […]

Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

Best Headphones for Binaural Beats

If you’re looking for the best quality headphones for binaural beats listening, look no further. These are the best value headphones or earbuds you can get to take your binaural beats sessions to the next level. If you’ve read my article on how to use binaural beats, you’ll know that the quality of your headphones […]